Two Ways Gaming Makes A Person Fully Embrace His Own Scars In Life


Let’s face it. For most people, gaming is something that we only do for fun and excitement. But you know what? We all know that doing so is not just all about that great feeling one gets upon winning a game. Because no matter what others may think about it, we can’t deny that gaming makes a person fully embrace his own scars in life.

And by this, it means that gaming itself is an effective therapy on its own – something that people do not just for fun, but also for cheering themselves up after a heating day albeit in school or at work; something that people do not just for excitement, but also for gaining confidence after a pressuring day albeit in work or at home.

Even more so:

Gaming makes a person fully embrace his own scars in life by allowing one to be as creative as he can be, all the while learning more about what it takes to be a great student and what the real values that comes with being a student truly entails.

This especially goes for those who are in school and even at work. Aside from the fact that gaming can provide a student some sense when it comes to the real scope of friendship and teamwork, there’s also the fact that gaming can provide a student some sense when it comes to the real value of communication and sportsmanship – and most especially, creativity, just by strategizing how to win a game.

Gaming makes a person fully embrace his own scars in life by allowing one to be as innovative as he can be, all the while learning more about what it takes to be a great worker and what the real values that comes with being a worker truly entails.

This even goes for those who are in work and especially at home. Aside from the fact that gaming can provide a worker some sense when it comes to the real scope of leadership and flexibility, there’s also the fact that gaming can provide a student some sense when it comes to the real value of reliability and kinship – and most even, innovativity, just by analyzing how to win a game.

BONUS: Gaming makes a person fully embrace his own scars in life by allowing one to be as free in-game as he can be – not just for the sake of enjoying a game by himself, but also for the sake of seeing the silver lining in every situation in life.

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How to Make a Mirror Storage Using Your Jigsaw

Buy one of the best jigsaws on the market today and start this project!

Materials needed:

  • 1 full-length mirror
  • 2 pcs. of D-Ring hangers
  • 3 pcs. of 6′ x 3 1/2″ boards
  • 4 pcs. of 2 1/2″ brass hinges
  • jigsaw
  • knife
  • paint
  • power drill
  • removable wallpaper
  • super glue
  • wood screws


Step 1: Cut with a Jigsaw

You’ll need to cut the boards using your jigsaw to make sure that the frame will have the same size as your full-length mirror. Cut two pieces of wood so that they match your mirror’s size. Then cut four pieces of wood which will measure out the precise width of the mirror once situated between the two long boards. Make a rectangle by place one board on top and one board at the bottom. Use the remaining two to split the space into three. Need more shelves? Then cut more boards!

Tip: You might want to design the sides of your two long boards by creating thin, vertical, and intricate shapes using your jigsaw. That’ll be fun!


Step 2: Screw It!

Use your power drill to screw the boards in place from the outer edges of the long boards. If you’re using hardwood, you could pre-drill the holes to make it easier.

Step 3: Painting Time

Paint or stain the frame once it’s complete. You can choose whatever color you want. You might want to use a spray-paint to make the spraying easier too.

Step 4: Hang the Frame

Install the 2 pieces of D-ring hangers on the back portion of the wood frame, around 4” from the top.


Before hanging the frame, put the right side of the brass hinges onto the left front edge of the frame, or you can set the left side of the brass hinges onto the right front edge.

Fasten the hinges and put a few blobs of super glue on the upper part of every hinge. Attach the back portion of your mirror on top of your frame quickly. Let the glue dry completely.

You must remember that the glue won’t hold the mirror permanently, so you must screw the hinges into the back of your mirror once the glue dries.

Hang the frame now! Use tape so you can measure down 4” from the top to know where to install the drywall screws so you can hang your frame.

Step 5: More Design

Use a wallpaper to design the back portion of the mirror so that it won’t look dull. You can use an X-Acto knife to cut around the hinges.

Step 6: Add Your Stuff

Now you can store your jewelry, accessories, and other beauty products here! Congratulations!



Of Scars and the Fleetingness of Beauty

Ueno Park Hanami

Scars have often been considered as marks of imperfection meant to be hidden or erased by whatever means necessary. And for some people, they are something to be ashamed of. This mindset often leads to a lot of grief and disappointments. Everyone gets scarred physically, emotionally, or psychologically at some point. When you experience it, what you think about you bring about the happiness of acceptance or the despair of agonizing over an imperfect life.

The Japanese have an interesting concept that takes a different view on imperfection known as wabi-sabi. It is a mindset or way of looking at the impermanence of beauty.

Wabi-sabi is an intuitive appreciation of a transient beauty in the physical world that reflects the irreversible flow of life in the spiritual world. It is an understated beauty that exists in the modest, rustic, imperfect, or even decayed, an aesthetic sensibility that finds a melancholic beauty in the impermanence of all things. – Andrew Juniper

How the Japanese perceive beauty may not be so easy to grasp viewed through the lens of western and popular concepts of beauty. But one way to better understand it is how the country celebrates hanami or flower viewing surrounding the breathtaking yet fleeting beauty of sakura (cherry blossoms). Sakura is symbolic of new beginnings as it ushers in the springtime. And yet, these cherry blossoms rarely last long thus people take the time to view and appreciate them while still in bloom. One of the things hanami can teach the rest of the world is learning how to celebrate beauty regardless of how fleeting it can be.


Dealing with the Scar of Falling Out with a Friend


An end of a friendship, for whatever reason, is never easy. You get along splendidly with someone for a long time then suddenly something irreparable happens that results to the end of a friendship. It usually takes time to heal the emotional wounds it may cause. And sometimes, it may even leave an invisible scar that may be hard for others and even yourself to detect. Dealing with the difficult emotions may not be easy, but here are some of the things you can do to help you in the process.

Start with forgiveness. This may be easier said than done. But forgiving yourself or the other person for whatever role each of you has played that led to the end of a friendship is therapeutic. Find constructive ways to express and unload negative feelings. Write on your journal, talk with another trusted friend, or take advantage of a quiet moment to reflect on what happened. Remind yourself that forgiveness is one of the easiest paths to self-healing.

Let it go. Like forgiving, letting go is equally hard to do for most people. While it may not instantly provide the healing you need, accepting that things happen for a reason can help you take the first step towards getting past the hurt of falling out with a friend.

Stop the blame. Avoid beating yourself up because of the falling out. Stop blaming yourself or the other person for whatever reason. The best thing you can do is to be kind to yourself and focus on taking care of yourself so you could get past all the negative feelings you may currently have. Give the same compassion on yourself that you would give to other people in similar situations. Spend time doing uplifting activities instead of wallowing with the negative thoughts surrounding the fall out.

Reflect on the lessons. Use what happened as an opportunity to learn whatever lesson you can get from it. Learn from the experience and use the knowledge wisely to nurture your other friendships. While the loss of a valued friendship is one of the saddest events in anyone’s life, take heart in knowing that you still have an opportunity to build and strengthen other friendships you have.

Connect with others. A falling out with a friend can be devastating. The experience may even trigger a depression if not managed properly. You have to decide to move on with your life even if it is the last thing on your mind. Take the time to socialize and meet new people. Finding new friends will not replace the one you lost, but it could give you the chance to gain more than you can nurture over time.


Daily Routines for Healthy Skin

skin care

Keeping your skin healthy does not have to be costly. While there are a lot of top quality products out there that could keep your skin in good condition, you do not have to spend more on them just to take better care of your skin. Here are some of the things you can do at home to protect your skin.

Spend less time in the shower. If you are among those people who enjoy long, hot showers, you may want to start taking shorter and colder ones from now on. Hot showers, especially if taken longer, may leave your skin dry and strip you of natural oils that provide natural nourishment and protection for your skin.

Choose skin care products for your skin type. Pick face care and cosmetic items that suit your skin type best. Stick to mild products that are gentler on your skin. Read labels ad check what chemicals are used that may be potentially harmful to your skin and the environment.

Keep your face clean using a natural facial wash. Prepare your own facial wash using home ingredients such as milk, aloe vera, or honey. Sticking to a daily facial wash routine can keep impurities away and prevent the onset of blemishes.

Make your own beauty products. You can make your own products that will help keep your skin healthy and glowing. Start with ingredients that you can find in your kitchen or garden. Aloe vera, honey, and oatmeal are just some of the household items you can use to clean and rejuvenate your skin.

Remove dead skin cells. Exfoliate to remove dead skin cells. Use a gentle scrub and prepare your own natural exfoliating scrub using a mixture of coconut oil and sugar among others.

Enjoy your oranges. Eating oranges or drinking plenty of freshly squeezed orange juice can give you the Vitamin C, which is needed in producing collagen. Collagen helps in maintaining smooth, healthy skin. You can also add other Vitamin C-rich foods in your diet such as kiwis and guavas.

Drink plenty of water. Stay hydrated by drinking the recommended daily amount of water. And combined with healthy habits like eating nutritious meals, getting quality sleep, and exercising regularly, you can keep your skin healthy and glowing every day.