Best Skin Care and First Aid Apps

The internet may be a treasure trove of information. But when it comes to skincare related issues getting the answers from dermatologists is still the best way to go. DermCheck is an app that connects you to certified dermatologists 24/7. You can use the app to ask questions and send photos of whatever skin related problem you may have. The app may be downloadable for free, but the consultation is not.

Water Drink Reminder
Hydration is one of the essentials of skin care. Water Drink Reminder, which is available on Android, provides you with timely reminders on when you need to drink water or other fluids you might prefer that best fits your hydration needs.

Confused about the wide array of skincare items available on the market? This app helps you pick the best product for you. It personalizes your skincare shopping making it easier for you to get the items you need.

Sleep is another one of the things everyone needs to maintain healthy skin. If you have trouble getting quality sleep for whatever reason, SleepBot can be a handy app to have. It serves as a smart alarm, sleep logger, and sleep tracker that you can use to analyze your sleep cycles.

This app helps make the most of the benefits you can get from the sun without getting burned. It offers a wide array of information including weather forecasts and sun protection tips and guides.

First Aid by American Red Cross
Scrapes and bruises are among the unavoidable things everyone gets to experience at least once in a lifetime. Knowing how to keep safe and deal with possible emergencies is an important skill. First Aid is an app that provides a wealth of first-aid related information as well as detailed instructions on what to do in case of an emergency.