Could EDM heal Your Invisible Scars?

Scars don’t always have to be physical. If you’re a handyman, you know that physical scars of houses can be easily repaired but it is the hidden scar that is the most difficult to fix. At some point in our lives, we realize that scars can also refer to hurtful marks that can’t be seen but can be felt. But what does science say about electronic dance music (EDM) and its ability to heal your emotional pain?


Our brains respond to music by releasing serotonin, a hormone which is responsible for happiness; dopamine, a neurotransmitter in charge of helping us stay alert and stimulated; and norepinephrine, which fosters concentration and feelings of euphoria. Studies have shown that electronic dance music makes us feel good, which only means it can help get rid of cortisol, the stress hormone. This hormone will then be replaced with the three mentioned above.


A lot of studies have already proved music as a powerful anti-depressant because it can decrease one’s levels of anger, stress, and sadness. Electronic dance music is believed (and even verified in some cases) to make one feel optimistic and more alive, making you feel like you want to hit the dance floor. No wonder busy handymen nowadays work while listening to EDM!

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Improved Mood

If some people like to be busy like a handyman to forget their troubles and improve their mood, some people listen to music instead. Scientists also discovered that some electronic genres could also calm the nervous system, thereby improving one’s mood. Music, specifically EDM, is a free and easy way to ease the pain and dance the problems away. Dancing to the beat of EDM songs can, therefore, make those invisible scars disappear in time.



EDM can also heal your invisible scars by allowing you to exercise. Research shows that exercise can also boost your mood and help you enhance your mental health. If you don’t like hitting the gym, then you better incorporate EDM to your workouts soon. EDM will make it seem like exercise is a dance workout. There are so many EDM artists out there that you can follow to get your body moving. And when you have a healthier body, you’ll feel better mentally and emotionally. Before you know it, you’ve already moved on from the pain. Exercising with EDM is just like using a power tool; they may be a bit tiring, but they give you a sense of achievement.


Lastly, EDM can heal your hidden scars by making you more creative. Studies by psychologists have confirmed that EDM suggests intense and upbeat music which encourages a creative thought process. This is good news especially for those who love finishing DIY projects with various tools. With EDM, you can use your handyman skills to better the things around you, and in the process, improve your emotional aspect.


Clearly, EDM can heal your invisible scars. However, remember that not all people have the same taste in music. If EDM isn’t the kind of music for you, don’t be afraid to look for the genre that can make you feel better.